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Hi im 22 and it started with bad lower abdominal pains then i was severly ill for 3 days still with the pain but now im bleed vaginally an its orange and i have bad lower back pains does anyone have any idea wot could be wrong


Sounds like you're having a pelvic inflammatory disease. 

Abdominal pain is the most typical symptom of PID, and other common symptoms may include lowe back pain, abnormal or heavy discharge, intercourse pain, irregular/heavy menstruation, and so on. Besides, PID symptoms may be worse at the end of a menstrual period and during the first several days following a period. PID can cause scarring inside the reproductive organs, which can later cause serious complications, including chronic pelvic pain, infertility and even ectopic pregnancy. In case of something serious, I suggest you go to doctors to get it checked. After all, pain means something wrong with you. I find this page for you, maybe you could take it for a reference. Hope it can help you.

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