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I am 22, in good health, NOT PREGNANT or sexually active in anyway, and on zero medication aside from two herbal vitaims (slippery elm wood and Airborne zesty orange). But for the past week I have had one nipple (the left) that stays hard to the point it hurts. I use to get this on accassion in the super cold, I'd take an ib profen and that would be enough, it would only last about an hour or so. But it isn't that cold outside, I'm not constantly tweeking it or putting alot of pressure on it like with too tight a bra, infact I rarely wear a bra and it is a daily thing. I put a warm cloth on it with no help. I have been lotioning it and taking ibprofen which makes the pain go away but it is still sore, to the point i hold my shirt away from chest because i can't stand for it to touch. I don't have any puss coming out of it, or sores on it. And it is starting to make the breast around it sore as well. And I am not on my menstal cycle or close to it for this month.

My symptoms:
-the color is red/purple (I assume from being THAT hard)
-completely puckered, it couldn't be harder
- super senstitive after pain goes away
-cold, sharp burning senstation kinda like that cool menty freshness you get after cleaning your teeth, only this is in my nipple

Symptoms I don't have:
-nipple sores or crust
-any right nipple pain

Thank you, I hope this helps narrow it down.


I have the same problem. Left nipple constantly painfully erect and kind of burns. It's like the hyper sensitivity you get after breast augmentation. I'm 47 and have been in peri-menopause or menopause for 2 yrs. The nipple pain just started yesterday and is already driving me crazy! Any suggestions??


Nobody got an answer? My right nipple has stayed hard and hurts so sensitive