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Ok I am 29, never had a zit on my nipple but one appeared. It looks like a normal zit I would get on my forehead if I was about to get my period. (I just had my period and I am 100% not pregnant). Is getting rid of a nipple zit hard since it is a sensitive area? If this was on my forehead, at least it wouldn't hurt. It hurts to have a bra on or go braless, And I can't work tomorrow topless. It looks like a whitehead and it is sore to the touch. Only showed up in the shower last night.

The zit is the same color as my nipple and at the top of it, I notice it looks JUST like a whitehead. I have been putting bandages on it (only because of irritation I feel from my bra or tshirt) the with antibacterial gel on it and washing it with warm water and unscented soap. I also have been putting oxy spot treatment on it too. Also, on Monday night, my boyfriend bit down on my nipple a little too hard during foreplay. It didn't even feel sore until last night when this showed up. Any help anyone can give about how long these things last. I know its not cancerous because breast cancer lumps are found within the actual breast. Also worth noting, the breast itself is NOT sore at ALL, and my other nipple is fine.


I would say it may be a blocked duct - it is possible to get blocked ducts even when you are not lactating. You should be able to squeeze it like a normal pimple, though maybe numbing the area with ice would reduce any sensitivity first. If it is inflamed, it should feel less sore once the material blocking the duct has been squeezed out.