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Hello all. I'm hoping this is an OK place to post this.

I'm not usually like this, but I had a one night stand last Monday night/Tuesday morning. How I feel about that is something I'm working on, but I am worried about getting the girl pregnant.

I used a Trojan ultra thin condom, and it didn't have spermicide on it. Originally, I started to put the condom on upside down, but then flipped it the right way (which I later realized was stupid - as some of the stuff could have gotten on the outside of it).

Once I finished, I immediately took the condom off and tied it up, and checked it - there didn't seem to be any holes, and everything was still inside. But I'm worried because of the type of condom: ultra thin + no spermicide.

She last got her period December 26th, and so she thinks she should have gotten her period yesterday (saturday) - which means she would have been on day 24 of her cycle when we had sex. Is that good or bad timing?

So far, there's no period yet. However, on Thursday, she began to get cramping, and on Friday, she broke out in acne (like she normally does before her period). She says the acne is especially bad this time around.

A few questions:

- What are the chances of her getting pregnant from this one time encounter, on the 24th day of her cycle, with a condom that didn't seem to break?
- Could the acne and cramps she started getting on Thursday and Friday, which would only have been 3 full days after her and I had sex, be pregnancy symptoms? Or does it take longer than that?
- Why would she potentially be late (as it's now Sunday)?

Thank you.


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ok first off she is not pregnate.

the only way for that to happen is if sperm got inside the vagina. if you had pre-cum on the outside of the condom and it contained sperm cells then yea MABY POSSIBLY but still unlikley because if the distcance it has to travel to fertalize the egg and all the obsticals it have to get around.

pre-cum normally does not contain sperm cells because the glands that make it (bulbourethral glans or cowper's glands) are located at the base of the penis in front of all the other accessory sex glands. the most common way for there to be sperm inside the pre-cum is if you ejaculate and then not urinate afterwards and later you go and have sex and the pre-cum that is released will pick up sperm cells still left in your urethra. finally womens sheduals for periods are normally regular but they can still vary a few days depending on life conditions. stress deffinatly delays them. it sound like she is starting her period so you have nothing to worry about there.

i hope this answered all you questions and made some sense....
let me know and stop worrying :-D