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I am 22 and living with my 65 year old mother who I feel has what I think is a case of paranoid schizophrenia. She'll argue and get angry at others who aren't there, and she believes these people she's arguing with are actual people who are plotting against a real group she belongs to.  I am for sure this group she belongs to does not demand anything from her in any way and is nothing that should be interfering with her life, but she behaves like the people plotting against this group she belongs in is her responsibility and she needs to defend it but also doesn't know how. In the end giving excuses for not being able to do anything. This has been going on for years but I never had a name for it and had no idea what to do.

She has told me she has attempted to keep this mental arguing down for a while, so she can live her life normally. But cannot completely take care of the problem because she doesn't actually know how to get the arguing to stop completely and believes this problem she has is not treatable by means of a doctor. She is extremely stubborn when suggested that she see a professional about her problem, and I feel this is something keeping her from fixing the real emotional trouble that is affecting her happiness.


I have yet to speak to my older siblings about this, and ask if they know anything about this problem she has. I am hesitant because I fear they may not care enough to help.


I just want some feedback on this. What can I do to help? How should I approach this to keep from making matters worse?


hey im the same age and my mum is paranoid schizophrenic and its really bad , she has got worse throughout the years and my mental heath has now got worse due to my mothers up and down behavior, 

you need to get her to go to the doctors and have a mental heath check and if she is schizophrenic then the doctors can help but dont leave it to late because like me my mum is so bad i have to stay with her at all all the time