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I bought a house about four years ago and found out after the sale that my next-door neighbor is a paranoid schizophrenic. He is in his late 40's and lives with his elderly mother. From what i can gather, he was stung badly by a hornet's nest as a child.

Some of his usual behavior is to wear a beekeeper's suit while he is gardening, wearing earplugs, talking to himself aloud, and constantly getting in his car turning on the engine and then shutting it off after 30 seconds. He also swears loudly at his mother for extended periods of time.

After living in my house for a year, I put in a small pond. He freaked out about west nile virus and mosquitoes, proceeded to call the cops and Los Angeles wildlife authority. He also has been in other neighbor's backyards looking for other sources of water.

Anytime I have a small party, he calls the police (usually before 9pm). Additionally, he has been leaving incoherent notes taped to my front door with the affect of "do not try to harm us or our property".

Last summer he accused me of scratching up his 1987 toyota carolla that has most of the paint missing to begin with. He filed a police report as well. He moved his car into his carport and put a video camera and table lamp without a shade outside (This is all right below my bedroom window). I called the cops since it was a violation of fire code. Since that time, he has installed a garage door on the carport and 4 video cameras around his house including one that was pointed into my bedroom. Again, I called the cops and they asked him to move the camera.

Also, when I was putting up a fence in between our yards, he began quoting personal information of me and my girlfriend as well as her father. He has also done this to the neighbor on the other side of his house. He has also told the neighbor (and her 14-year old son) that I have been sneaking onto his property late at night and masturbating.

Finally, from what I have heard from other neighbors, the cops have been called on him a few times for firing a gun. Please help me figure out what to do as this situation grows increasingly worse.


Wow !!

This sounds very frightening. Unfortunately, your only option is to move, unless he actually causes bodily harm to someone. At that point, he could be arrested. Has he ever been arrested on a 5150. That is, for mental instability. That's when they would take him to a mental ward and hold him for, I believe< 72 hours. Has anyone considered making sure that he is not causing harm to his elderly mother. That would be a sure arrest and incarceration for him. He might get the help he needs too. Are you able to check on her? It sounds like she is being verbally abused. That might be enough for peace officers to remove him from the home. She might be relieved about that too. My understanding is that paranoid sch. are the most dangerous because they have perceived ideas of persecution and they would typically harm others, believing that they are protecting themselves. It's a real to them as the grass in your front yard is to you. Think about some of the suggestions and be very careful.