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My fiance, who is schizophrenic, and I had a roommate that moved out recently. We need another one to meet the bills and mortgage. We've posted a couple ads on Craigslist, but we've had no luck in finding a new roommate.

For some reason my fiance thought it would be a good idea to post our address and information about our house on the site. He thinks it will help us get a roommate faster. I told him that it wasn't a good idea to post personal information on Craigslist but he won't listen and won't let me change the ad. Now I'm afraid our house might get robbed. I can't sleep at night and I'm afraid to be home alone.

I had him read some "Safety on Craigslist" articles, but he still doesn't care. The only compromise he made was that he took our address number off the ad, but he's still showing our street name and a photo of the house on the site.

I would stay with friends or family, but they live in Michigan. I just moved to Florida 6 months ago to be with my fiance. I have no place to go even if I wanted to stay away for a week or two. I don't know if he posted our address because he's a typical dumb guy or because he's schizophrenic. I really don't know, and he won't listen. I need some advice or helpful options, because I don't have any on this hard problem. Please send some advice my way if you think of anything.


Hi: If your BF is on medication, it is more than likely just male stubborness! What does concern me is your comments about this, You know the old saying "If you are fighting about the toothpaste,, it's not about the toothpaste!"? Well that is what I'm getting from you! Any house can be robbed at any time. It doesn't take being on Craigs list for that. Many houses fro rent are advertised with their address. What I get from you is your worried about his mental state, thus you are thinking about leaving. A lot of people who are Schizophrenic can become paranoid, when not taking their meds. So if it was his illness, he would be the last one posting his address. I get a sense, that his illness is bothering you big time! If you have reason to be worried about HIM! Then you really need to assess your relationship. Or get proffessional advice about his condition and what to look for! The red flafs so to speak. A lot of people still think that the word Schizophrenic means someone with a split personality. They really don't understand the actual illness and what factors are involved. So take sometime, study it, find out the truths, see if you are willing to live with this and if you can see past his illness. IF you can, then you just have to accept his "little" foibale of being male!!! ;-) XD Believe me it gets worse as they get older 8-| XD I wish you health, happiness and a good roommate!!!