Hello all,

New to this forum... I saw a few posts about paranoid schizophrenic neighbors and decided to post my experience here to see if anyone has any advice. Anyway,

I moved into this apartment a few years ago. My neighbor downstairs was really nice for the first year or so but then she started changing. She began telling me that there was people in her car that were trying to do "something". I told her I'd keep an eye out and try to help her if I could. She rang my doorbell at around 10pm when I was getting settled in for bed and told me that there was someone in her car. I went outside really quickly and found no one there. That's pretty much when it began.

She began accusing me and my girlfriend of collaborating with the people in her car. She told me she needed it to get to work (she doesn't work) and needed it for other daily activities and she could not loose it. I sympathized and tried to understand. However, she kept accusing us, especially my girlfriend. When asked about specifics she doesn't know. She doesn't know what age they are, how many there are, what they're doing. I try to reason with her that people would not want to sit in her car at single digit degrees outside without the car on. She seems to understand only during the actual conversation and then forgets completely. I often see notes on the outside of her car with underlined writing and many exclamation points. I tried to give her suggestions on leaving a video camera on, or getting some more security for her car but she doesn't do it.

She then accused my car unlocker of un-locking her car. I've been trying not to use it but it's kind of a pain. I just don't know what to do now. I leave for work very early in the morning (4am) and sometimes she is awake just waiting for me. Sometimes she hysterical and crying. She rings my doorbell at like 11pm when I am almost in bed. This morning she accused my girlfriend of breaking into her apartment and stealing her birth certificate. She also handed her an envelope where she requests that my girlfriends child, she doesn't have one, stay out of her car. She also thinks that her television is talking to her.

I've talked to the apartment complex, written an official note to see if they could contact her relatives. No good, she just got angry at us for talking to them. She calls the cops but they brush her off because no one is in her car. I fear that it's escalating.

I can't take out the trash, I can't go outside, I feel trapped going in of my apartment and leaving. Please, any advice on how I should approach this? Do I really need to try and get her out of the apartment?