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Im sixteen and me and my boyfriend have had sex twice. Before we had the first time we were messing around without a condom, but inserted only maybe 2 or 3 inches. Im very nervous considering ive heard you can get pregnant from precum, but what about partial insertion? Both times we have had sex i didnt bleed, so im not sure if I am still a virgin. We also used condoms and pulled out.
I would appreciate if someone could tell me if I could get pregnant from messing around that one time.
and if so, how early are symptoms?
much thanks.


Please read the "precum Faqs" sticky at the top of this forum.

Insertion is considered intercourse- whether you are still a "virgin" or not is a matter of opinion but I would say "no" whether he was in just a little or all the way is irrelevent and whether or not you hymen is broke doesnt really classify virginity because most girls break their hyman with excersise, tampons or some other way before they ever have sex so doctors really dont use that to indicate whether your a virgin or not anymore.....
generally "pre-cum" doesnt have a high risk of pegnancy although its not impossiable...Personally I wouldn't be worried about it. Although since its obvious you either have become or soon will become sexually active seriously consider getting on the birth control pill...its the most effective form of birth control and even though you will still need to concern yourself with STD possibilities you won't have to worry about babies...PLUS, most pills will make your period shorter and lighter and much more predictable...Understand that it might take trying 2 or 3 different kinds before you find the one that s right for you... and I generally do not recommend that girls get on Yaz (because its so new and has has a signifigant amount of side effects complaints) or Depo (Has a lOT more side effects and after the first "dose" you are commited to it for at least 3 months regardless) AND most towns have a free or low cost clinic they can go to and no matter who you see parental permission or even awareness is not required... if by some crazy chance you are pregnant (very doubtful) it will be at least 2 weeks after the "act" efore a test would show or you would even noticed or possiably notice any difference....And if u were in your fertile "time" 2 weeks after should be when your period is due anyways... Be safe, good luck