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Well the other day I gave my boyfriend a ha****b and got his (I don't think he came just precum) on my hand and fingers.. Well we held hands after I did and he went to finger me. Now the precum was already dry by then. And so he didn't even barely put his finger in (not even close to halfway) only once and I told him to stop because I wasn't really feeling like I wanted to (thank goodness!) so I'm just wondering if maybe I could be pregnant from this?? I'm really freaking out and I need answers quick. My period is about two weeks away but we'd like an idea of whether or not it's very likely that I am.


Dear Babyboo

You are not pregnant yet. It takes several days for that to happen.

If your period is about two weeks away that could mean that day was a fertile day (more data needed!). The concern must be whether it was semen or pre-cum (don't you know?). Statistically, there is less chance with pre-cum of getting pregnant (some men do not have sperm in their pre-cum) unless he had ejaculated recently since last urinating. But it only takes one sperm! Concerning how far his fingers went in, halfway could be plenty far enough if sperm were on them. But if it were just pre-cum, and his hands were dry for over half an hour before insertion, the chances are very low.

Are you a virgin with an intact hymen? Did he get past that? Were you wet? All these things make a difference. The possibility of potential pregnancy cannot be ruled out completely from the brief details you have given, but the chance doesn't appear to be high.

I hope this helps a bit. Take care.