Hey guys Plz help lol Ok so just after my last pirod i started having right overy pain then it kinda turnd into just a odd feeling in that genral area with the occinal pains. I jusr put it off to pirod issues. But the pain got worse i got nausea and loss of appitite and really exchusted all the time this was about two weeks after my pirod i also started getting some light bleeding. I took a pregnecy test and me and my partner had STI tests and all negitive. I had a ultersound that was all good aswell. Now its the week i am ment to get my pirod and i got nothing i did stop the pill just after i started getting the random bleeding just incase it was causeing issues so it could be late. But the ovary pain and loss of appitite nd echustion is still here so i have no clue