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Okay I need all of your advice.

over two years ago I had chlamydia, treated it and did a test afterwards; 'no infection seen' . Since then I have a new partner who I have been with for almost a year, in January I started the contraceptive injection and whilst I had that done I also randomly had an sti test (no signs/symptoms) which also came back clear. Since about April I have had a pain in my pelvis and sometimes back pain.. I thought it was a water infection, the man at the walk in said 'no water infection, go and see your gp as it could be polycystic ovaries' no other explanation given. Since googling this pain and reading things like 'you have PID which is caused by chlamydia and gonoherra' I have gotten it into my head that I now have an sti! my partner says he hasn't cheated (tbh I don't think he has it in him to do that anyway) and the lord knows I haven't cheated either! Is it possible for me to have an sti? (Bearing in mind he's the first sexual encounter I've had since 2015) but how did my test come back clear in January if I now do? I had a test done yesterday just to cover myself for chlamydia, gonorherra, hiv & syphilis (incase I go doctors I have proof I don't have it/I go and say I have one) guys I'm actually so worried about this I can't even bring myself to go to the doctors over the actual pain as I'm worried about what she's going to say! 


Also, I have just read that it can be caused from sex during menstrual cycle, forgot to add that since I have had the injection done I have been bleeding none stop, do you think it could be this????