i have been having frequent urine every 2 hours,irregular bleeding for 20 days and a lot more vagenal discharge white -clear,sometimes brown string/slim ,negitive pregancy tests, pelvic pain in the lower back, some cramping .mucus in stools very noticeable.upper middle abdomal pain. and white discharge from nipple when i squeeze them. had a mamagram -everything good. Have been going to a PA for a month about this. I have appointment with Gyn. Have had tublar pregancy, and live birth. I'm 36 years old. Never had problems like this before. My period has always been regular. After 2 week and 4 visits to PA they told me i have a UTI -took medicine, but still urine every 2 hours, no burning. Had CT told my everything good. What's going on? Any ideas? Could all this be stress? pa checked hormone-ok. Did a lot of blood work say everything good. Do I go to a GYN, Urology, Gastroenterology? where do I start?