MFPFS is very difficult to diagnose because it is masked by so many issues. Esp. in women because of the femail organs.
7 years ago I started with feelings of a possible UTI. but it wouldn;t last. After 7 mo.I was concerned because I had a vacation.coming up so I thought I should see a dr before hand so I went to dr. and started on antibiotics..When completed the UTI feeling was still there. Before leaving for vacation a stronger med was prescribe. While on vacation I still had the pain..Walking, urination became very painful. Sexual activity all very painful and because I was menepausale I figured that was the issue. When I got home I went to see a urologist..
OK, urologist said live with it. Nice han
Gyn said take this cream...never looking outside the box.Neither dr. listened to me.
Went to Boston, Great doctor, very compassionate... did all kinds of bladder testing...very painful because my bladder was inflamed. Diagnosed with IC..started with distentiions twice a year for 7 years. Lasering an ulser. (which has now caused an inflexiblity issue with my bladder.) My .bladder was in bad shape BUT WHY????? The Dr. couldn';t figure that out. I would always ask the Dr. why I still had so much pain. There had to be something else going on. He would say NO it was just the bladder issues.
Never looking outside the box. 7years later with distentioins 2 a year I was still in the same health. Lots of vaginal, rectal pain..from front to back...
Now I start reaching...What can I do..who can I see..Holistic doctor..spending $$$$ on supliments.I put myself on a IC diet....In 13 months I lost 30 pounds. I do think the supplements did help.
STill had lots of pain...I said to a friend in the health field "Isn;t there a doctor that treats GYN and Urology..YES there is URO.GYO/ I describe my issues and she did an exam which she said would be painful even ahead of time.
My diagnosis was as she expected MFPFS. She recommned PT with a Pelvic Floor specialist. (which is very important) She checked bladder 2 months later which was 100% better. Long slow process but I believe it is worth it. So my weight loss and suppliments did help. But the cause hadn;t been addressed.
1. See a GYN/URO Doctor one who specializes in PFS
2.If You have MFPFS most likely your pelvic is out of position and I feel a Good Chriopractor will be important to get your Pelvic in leign
A Gentle Chriopractor..Do to Chriopractor before adjustments are done
2. Find a PT Specialist in Pelvic floor. I won;t sugar coat it...Any PT that you have to go thru will be painful. Hopefully it will be worth it.
3. Discuss with your dr. meds that will help with the nerve pain..
My MFPFS was in my opinion the cause of my bladder issues but the cause was never addressed until 7 years later..
I am stilll reaching for the dr who will really listen..I am seeing a new dr..we will see what happens. In my opinion I need to see a dr who specializes in nerve issues in the pelvic.