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Hi All,


I am 32 yr old guy, unmarried. I masturbate every night once or twice from past 7 yrs. I observed a problem in me from past few months. When I meet my GF, I kissed her, I did the fore play but when I wanted to do sex my penis is not erected. If I hold my penis and rub it then its getting erected, then when doing sex, Its erected n getting loose its erection. When i masturbate its gets erected nicely and hard. Can anyone tell me what might be the problem. How to solve it? Do I need to visit a doctor.?. Please suggest me or give solution to my problem.


I read somewhere that when a guy masturbates, like a lot and you said for the past 7 yrs. The guy peNnis is no longer interested with sex.. You should really consult your doctor on this.. Then probably marry so you don't brk your pennis