Hey there folks, I have a qick question. Two weeks ago I had unprotected sex with a girl that I have been with on previous occasions, with over 4 months separating incidents. This time around, I noticed that about 10 minutes in to the vaginal intercourse, a slight irritation at the tip of the penis on the left side. With some lube, we continued for about 10 more minutes. After that ended, she performed oral on me for another 5-10 minutes until completion. During oral, she was really rough, lots of pressure, and after the climax, continued to suck hard on the tip. The next day I felt fine. It was only after a bout of the "runs", that I noticed a sensation in the tip. I also felt overly sensitive on the tip. I took a course of Septra that I had saved from a chronic prostititis (which was coming back) infection for about 2X a day for 5 days, then continued 1X a day for a week. I have no red area, no rash, bumps, etc. I also have no drainage or anything nasty or out of the ordinary. I do still have some irritation though. It feels like I just masturbated, sort of the soreness if you are too hard on the thing. I don't believe there is an STD, but is there any way possible that the old boy is still repairing himself from the intense pressure? I do know that if I am preoccupied with something...there is little to no pain. So I guess I am fixated on this thing right now. But there really is some irritation. Any help would be appreciated!