I received unprotected oral sex from a man 3 weeks ago. A week after our encounter I began to experience painful urination. I began to chug lots of water and the pain subsided except for in the morning. I think began to experience itchiness at the very tip and a tender inguinal lymph node on the left which made be go to the doctor. She examined me and said that she didn't think I have any STD since I don't have any blisters or discharge. She performed a gonorrhea/chlamydia test and it came negative. She thought it was a yeast infection (especially since I'm uncircumcised) and asked me to apply miconazole cream 2x a day. After using that cream, all my symptoms were pretty much gone withing 3 days. Last week I went for my follow-up and met with a nurse practitioner who added that I need to keep Herpes in my radar since I had itchiness and a tender lymph node. That realllllly freaked me out! I am currently on day 22 since my last sexual encounter and still experience very minor/faint tingling inside the tip from time to time and was concerned if it may be herpes. No blisters or discharge and my lymph node is no longer tender; it is sometimes red at the tip. Please help!