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Hey y'all. So...I really don't know how to start this or what to I guess I'll just start by saying that I'm 17 and I know I shouldn't really be having sex but I am and...yeah. So my boyfriend and I had sex on April 13th, he used a condom the first time he came and the second time he did the pull-out method. I've heard you can get pregnant from pre-cum and I believe it, he has problems believing it for some reason, and I think its possible that I could be pregnant. Here's whats been happening:



- brown with slight red spotting about an hour after the sex that lasted through the night and the next day. I thought it was the beginning of my period because thats what I get before my period. It ended up disappearing and I read about implantation bleeding but everywhere I've looked, nothing says anything about implantation bleeding that early.



- slight cramps which I usually don't get until the day of my period starting

- slight fatigue

- slight increase in appetite



- very bad nausea ; wake up feeling sick and feel sick until I go to bed at night but no vomiting

- moderate to severe cramps but no period or sign of period

- severe headaches

- joint achiness

- major increase in appetite ; eating every few hours because of hunger

- bloating to a noticeable point

- lower back pains ; worse then usual

- increased urination and urge to urinate ; usually go pee 2 or 3 times a day - increased to 6, 7, sometimes 8 times a day

- increase in thirst ; usually drink maybe a whole bottle of water/day - increased to 4 or 5 bottles of water/day

- constipation for a few days to diarrhea all at once and back to constipation

- extremely gassy (usually pretty smelly) which is abnormal

- abdominal/pelvic pains

- severe fatigue ; have trouble keeping eyes open most days because of tiredness

- swollen breasts

- cravings for certain foods that I always eat and ones I don't eat ; I eat pizza, but not often, and it's all I've been wanting and I got a severe craving for fish when I don't eat fish at all, don't even like fish but it's all I wanted

- cant eat certain foods I usually have no problem eating ; went to eat a sausage/pepperoni pizza, took bite of the sausage, nearly threw up on the bite and spit it back out when I usually eat it with no problem and I cant drink chocolate milk even though I drink it everyday with my lunch

- woke up one morning with a very very slight milky white discharge

- increase in acne on my face and back ; I have bad acne already but it usually is just blackheads and a few zits but that week and this week, I've gotten more and more actual zits

- cant sleep on sides or stomach because it caused pain in my stomach

- big mood swings

- I'm pretty sure there was something else but I cant think of it right this moment.



I have all of the same symptoms as the 2nd week but now I have:

- larger, darker skin around my nipples

-extremely tender breasts ; had to change to a softer bra, sharp pains when going over even small speed bumps, bumps in the road, clapping my hands when my arms touch my breasts, putting even the slightest pressure on them at all, can't sleep on my stomach now due to pain in the stomach and now my breasts too, hurts to run/jog/jump, hurts going down steps, etc...

- blue veins in breasts are more noticeable and are considerably brighter then usual

- major major mood swings and emotions are extremely sensitive ; ex: my mom asked me if I'd wiped down the fronts of the washers (I help her at her job at a local laundromat) and, without saying a word, I got up and went to get the WD-40 mixture and I cried. She didn't yell or anything and I had been happy before hand but she asked that very nicely even and I cried. ex 2: I went to change the TV channels at her work and couldn't get the buttons to press or the channels to change and I screamed at the boxes, remote, and my mom and then cried. ex 3: went to throw the trash in the dumpster, she said the bags wouldn't fit, I walked to the car in tears.

- stomach is slightly harder then usual in some places

I've read and found that most of these are signs of pregnancy and I also know that the signs of PMS and pregnancy are very much alike. However! I know how my body is and I don't get any of these symptoms when I get my period. The only ones I get are the gas (not usually this bad or this smelly), slightly tender breasts but nothing like the pain I have now, only have cramps on the first day and the cramps I get for my period feel different from the ones that I had the night of the sex and the first and second weeks, bloating but not this noticeably and it's usually gone on the first day of my period, mood swings but not nearly as severe as they are right now, and I typically get a bad decrease in appetite and thirst, not an increase.

And this week, I also got a slight brown discharge (I usually get before my period) and was surprised when my period showed up today in third block (lucky me, I had pads from my last period!). I got very depressed and nearly cried because, even though I know I shouldn't have a baby right now, I'm kinda hoping that I am because I want one but I don't think I want one bad enough to give myself the symptoms of pregnancy and not be pregnant like I've heard can happen. I seriously doubt that's what this is because I haven't thought about wanting one in a very long time and wasn't concerned about it until the middle/end of week two. Anyways, back to the period appearing today (btw, I usually get my period around the 18th and 20th and it's the first of May now so it's basically two weeks late which is very abnormal). It came in third block today and put a pad on and didnt bleed much in fourth block but when I used to bathroom after fourth block, the flood gates opened and I realized my period was/is heavier then normal this time around. I read on a few different pages and peoples comments and saw that it is possible to have a period during pregnancy, even if it's just for the first couple months. I don't know how that happens and I'm not sure that's what's happening to me or not. I can't tell my mother yet or any of her friends or my grandmother or anyone but I did talk to someone who says that it sounds like I more then likely am pregnant and I believed her and have been taking care of myself the way I should when pregnant just in case I am but now that I have my period, I'm very confused.

- IS it actually possible that I may be pregnant even with this period, even if it does last its usual length time?

- Could I actually be pregnant or am I just imagining things?

- Should I take another pregnancy test? (I took two already but they were in the first/beginning of second week and were negative but I messed up and took the last one at night instead of in the morning) If so, when?

- Has this happened to anyone else or do you know anyone this has happened to or is happening to?

If anyone out there actually reads this, I am desperate and need some serious advice and as much help as you can give me. I am desperate for advice and help and if anyone can help me, I will be very grateful and very, very appreciative! Someone please help me! Thank You!


Hi Guest,

I'll start off with saying that there is always a chance of pregnancy with any sexual contact.

Implantation bleeding normally happens the week before your period is due.  You can have some bleeding after having sex, it's normal.  That's probably what you saw.

If you said that you were having a normal period, like your others, and it was when you expected it then it would be unlikely you are pregnant.  But, we can't say that. 

It is NOT possible to have a period while you are pregnant, you can't.  During your period the lining of your uterus is shed.  IF you were pregnant, you would no longer be.  There can be bleeding however.  It is also possible you were pregnant and are having a miscarriage.  They can appear as a heavy and late period.  They are more common than most women realize.

You can retest now.  You need to wait at least 2, preferably 3 weeks before they can be accurate.  Use ONLY your first morning urine (wake up pee).  You can test while on your period or bleeding. 

For future use, here's the mistake you both made that you need to know:

Wearing the condom the first time was smart.  But, after he's ejaculated sperm/semen remains in his urethra.  Just by putting his penis into your vagina it can "squeeze" the semen out and into you.  Precum can also force any semen out.  Yes, precum can contain sperm as well but if he has not recently ejaculated it is generally considered not to.


Always use a new condom every time you have sex.

Hope it helps.