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Hey guys!
I am a 17 year old female. I'm on CD31 and no sign of my period as of yet. My cycles do vary from 27-32 days so It's not the first time. But still this month I was sexually active with my boyfriend so that adds to the worry-plate. Please note, I have never, I mean never had unprotected sex. We always use condoms and they have never broken, and hepulls out before he ejaculates. I have complete trust in him, he has reason to be cautious for he had to go through an abortion with his ex, and it's still a sore subject for him. So yeah, we both are avoiding any unwanted pregnancies like the plague, although of course there is the chance even when protected.Back to the topic, I am experiencing bloating and my breasts are tender and some cravings, all of which are normal PMS signs for me. But I also am aware that these could be pregnancy signs. But I'm trying not to stress it.

Speaking of stress, this has been an extremely stressful month for me physically and emotionally. I have been badly bulimic, purging multiple times a day almost daily. I'm still not underweight though, but can the physical stress from all the purging affect my hormones and thus my period? Also, I have been on-off physically active this month. Having weeks when I've done extremely vigorous exercise and some weeks when there's barely been any. Overall a very hectic month due to problems at home. Could this be the cause?

Also, me and my mom's cycle sync. A few months ago we'd get our periods around the same time, then she started getting it before mine and now she gets it a week after mine. So could my body be trying to sync our periods, since hers is starting next week?

Really I'm just trying to not stress over this, because I know that could only prolong it. I plan on testing on Thursday if I haven't gotten it yet. But please, give me some reassurance?


Hello there!

First off, I'd like to thank you for your proper use in grammar and articulation. It makes everything easier for us who reply.
Now, you said that you've had 32 day cycles before, right? Then technically you cannot count your period to be late until a few days after that. But however it's always a bit bothersome if you're used to having shorter cycles, and I'm glad that you seem to be taking this seriously.

Condoms are a very respectable form of protection, even when not used with oral contraceptives. However, I advise you to seek another form of birth control to go hand in hand with using condoms. Better safe than sorry. Anyways, if it didn't break and you know that no semen got in contact with your vagina, you should be fine and I'd say relax for now. Of course even when used correctly, there's a slight chance. Adding the fact that he pulls out gives me more of a reason to believe that you should just relax.

Yes, bulimia can mess with your cycle. Even when not underweight, you are missing the essential nutrition that your body needs to function properly, and as females, our fertility relies on a balanced diet. Also, our bodies are clever and know that if you vomit constantly, you are not okay, thus this may delay or even skip ovulation. All forms of stress, physical or emotional affect our bodies.

You definitely seem to have a lot going on here, and seem to have a very hectic life with so many changes in such a short time, that I really hope that you would consider rationalizing the rapid changes in your lifestyle. Our bodies can only keep up so much. Try getting some consistency and rhythm into your life, and kick your bad habit of purging, please. What you benefit in saving yourself a few inches of waste line is not worth the damage it does to your body - especially in the long run. But I will not preach.

And yes, it is studied that females that live under the same roof will have synced cycles. You did not state your mother's age and if she is possibly menopausal? If so, hormonal changes that are taking place in her might get your cycle off the calendar too.

Please note that you are 17 and your periods may still fluctuate even if you've had them for over a few years. Even post-adolescent females tend to get irregular from time to time - sometimes even skip a month!

So, take a deep breath, try to get your mind elsewhere and yes, test on Thursday if still no sign of your period. If that's negative, then wait for another week and retest. Remember to use first morning urine.

Best wishes and I hope you get your period so you can rest your mind at ease!

I hope other users will come here and give you their input as well, jut to back me up.


okay so heres the deal me and my bf had unprotected sex 3 days after my period ended but he pull out before he cumd in me and we did sum rubbing bfore actually having sex now my period is 4 days late could i be preggo?? my breasts are swollen and i need to pee all the time or could this juts be pms or stress?? i had brown spotting 2 days ago but that's all pls help!!


Please be more accurate, for instance you could help by telling me how long did your period last, how old are you and was there any precum present when you were fooling around? Mind you, you should never have unprotected sex, unless you are prepared to face the consequences. Do yourself a favor and test first thing in the morning if possible, if negative, wait a few days and retest. You sound young, so your periods could just be fluctuating. Anxiety can cause frequent urination and swollen breasts can also be a sign of PMS. The brown spotting could be old blood that comes prior to your actual period, for instance. But I warmly suggest you test, and if you get off with a scare this time, please always remember to use an adequate form of birth control. Best of luck to you and I hope this helps! Please let us know what happens!