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Hi, so I just realized I have a chunk of skin at the opening of my vagina. Its in the hole, towards my back end. I'd say its about the size if the tip of my pinky (maybe a little smaller) and its attached by a piece of skin on each end, meaning I can put a little bit of my fingr between it and my vagina wall. Ive never noticed this before. I've been sexually active for almost 4 years, checked my self regularly, been to the gyno. This was NOT there a a few weeks ago as far as I could tell. I'm really freaking out that it may be some kind of growth or something. Everything seems normal other than that. Its not a weird color and I don't have any puss or smell. It doesn't hurt. I really can't even feel it when I touch/pull on it. Its just there!! Does anyone have any idea what this could be? I don't think this is my hymen!

Also, I was fingered more aggressively than usual recently. Could this be because of that? 
P.S. I reposted this because I accidentally put it under penile dysfunction.


You will have to see an ob-gyn, but the chances are that this is in fact small piece of your hymen that remained, even after everything. Aggressive fingering might just been what had it separated from your vaginal opening - that is why there is no sensation or pain - it's blood supply probably has been long gone with the rest of your hymen. But again, you'll have to see a gyno so you can have it removed - I highly doubt that this is any kind of infection or something like that.