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So I'd generally be super embarrassed about this but I really need help here and I don't have ready access to my doctor right now. I am seventeen and Have been sexually active for almost a year now, sex has ALWAYS hurt, I can't remember it ever really feeling good. I haven't noticed this until now, and I can't imagine it's been there for a year without me noticing it.. but i have a bit of skin at the top of my lovely little lady bits (vagina hole) its not abnormally colored and it doesnt really hurt. The reason i mentioned the painful sex earlier was because i am wondering if that could be the cause of it? but anyway i  noticed it sticking out a little earlier last week and I'm sort of worried, I've been reading and am now wondering if it could be a part of my hymen still attached to me? But I'm worried if i try to have sex again that it'll hurt? I'm also worried that it's NOT my hymen and something more serious? but i dont really know, and I'm pretty concerned..



I have the same thing right now too. I honestly have no idea what it is, but I'm thinking it's a piece of my hymen. I can't seem to find anything on the internet about it.