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So I've been on birth control for almost a month, but I forgot to take my pill for 2 days, and ended up getting my period. I am NOT sexually active, I'm a virgin. Well I started having cramps and realised it was my period so I went to the bathroom to put a tampon in and such and before I did I bled some and then I felt something wierd so I looked in the toilet and there was about a 2-inch across piece of like skin or something with some blood clots on it, and I'm kind of freaking out. What is this??


same thing happened to me. when it happened to me it same out as a white rubbery chunk the size of a tampon covered in blood, i was crippled over in pain when it happened and spent rest of my day with excruciating cramps. talked to doctor: it is your entire uterus lining expelling in one giant chunk and usually occurs due to stress. look up images of expelled uteral lining on google. it will make you feel better to see this happens to other women (oh and same situation, i thought it was miscarriage but knew it couldn't be due to no sex)