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Hi, I'm 20 years old recently I've noticed that the skin underneath the opening of my vagina (not on the lips, but the perineum and up to the opening hole) has tons of tiny bumps. I've always noticed that it was sort of wrinkly and that I had a lot of extra skin there, but when I spread the skin out I saw they were bumps!

They and the whole area is a pinkish/skin color, some bigger than others, but all under a millimeter or two in size. They DON'T HURT OR ITCH at all.  They don't look like hair follicles or fordyce spots; but they also don't look like any photos of genital warts, herpes, or any sort of STD look for on the internet.

When I look at it in the mirror with my legs apart but not spreading my lips or anything, it looks like there are tons of distinguishable bumps folded up next to each other so the skin is protruding out. When I spread my skin apart a bit, I can see that it isn't just folded/wrinkled skin but bumps that super tiny but stick out so much!

I don't think it's an STD because the one partner I've ever had was clean when I was with him and I didn't notice this until 6 months after the last time I had sex with him (which could just be my own fault for not noticing).

PLEASE if anyone has had something similar let me know! I'm going to get tested in a couple weeks but I'm freaking out here!



I'm experiencing the same thing! Did you figure out what is was?