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So I had my period may 29th till June 4th. Had unprotected sex with my fiancé on the June 6th. I started to bleed a little bit again after the sex, like if my period came back. But it wasn't a lot. I had a pinkish discharge few days after for like 3 days. Not a lot of course, only when I would use the bathroom and wipe myself. Today, June 20th I woke up and went to the bathroom and had pink discharge again, I have experienced my boobs getting heavier and sore just like a little before you et your period... Isn't too soon to get my period ? ... I'm not supposed to get it in another week..... Hope to hear some answers.


Hi Guest,

If you had sex 2weeks before your expected period then there is a chance your pregnant. Wait until about 3days before your period is due and take a pregnancy test 1st thing in the morning.