My boyfriend and i had sex during my periood (4th day of it) and unfortunately the condom broke. I do not take any of the birth control pills. The next day, i bought Plan B pill and took it 13 hours after we had sex. I was feeling fine the whole time.I was done with my period the next day. It has been 6 days since i took the pill. During these 6 days i was not getting any of the symptoms or anything like that, exept that i would get a little of the blood, but i assume that its the pill cleaning my body out. Today, the s6th day, and i got pretty heavy period. Is it suppose to be like this? I'm scared and do not know what to do. I would not be worried so much if i did not have a surgery tomorrow, but because i do, i was not allowed to take any kind of the medicine since last monday. What should i do??? HELP!!!!!!