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Hi im 17 and im thinking of loosing my virginity soon, I've been on the pill since August last year and have thrown up about 4 times.
I am going to use a condom as well.

I am on the medication: Omerprazole which isn't an anti-biotic.

but what are the chances of getting pregnant? I take the pill at the same time everyday and I get regular periods.

Can you reply to this please as I need to know.
Thank You


Pregnancy can occure at any time during your cycle even while you are on your period so as long as you are taking birth control and you are going to use a condom each time, the chance of you becoming pregnant are slim to none....You should always use a condom just incase for backup cause one or the other could fail at either time, like the condom breaks or you miss a pill or two....Condoms also can stop or prevent the spreading of STDs, remember this each time you cant or dont want to use a condom or birth control, sperm can live inside a womens body anywhere from 3 to 7 days at the latest..Precum can also cause pregnancy since this contains sperm...Wish you well in all that you do!!!!