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Hello. I have a rather delicate problem connected to my genital area. I am 24 years old and have foreskin pain. This happened to me for the first time and I do not know what to do. A friend told me that Plaquenil should help. I got it, but I am not sure whether this is the right thing. Do anyone have any smart suggestion what to do when having a foreskin pain. I would really appreciate the answer that would help me avoid visiting doctor.


Are you bleeding? Do you have painful intercourse?
I wouldn’t apply Plaquenil on penis. Plaquenil is used for treatment of systemic rheumatoid arthritis and I am sure you are not in this group.
Why do you want to avoid visiting doctor. Is it because of insurance or is it because you are ashamed? Oh, come on… please, your penis is not the only one doctor shall see and you are certainly not the only one with foreskin problems … it is just that we do not wonder around telling people, hey, I have foreskin problems, do you to? Flue or broken leg is more visible whether foreskin problem is not, but this doesn’t mean doctors do not have to face it on daily basis.


Hi Hapgood:

It is very unusual to have foreskin pain. Under what conditions does it occur? Is it all of the time or just when you retract or just when you have intercourse?

If it caused by a tight foreskin it is easily remedied by foreskin stretching:

When your penis is erect, gently pull your foreskin back against the head of the penis. As the head attempts to pass through the foreskin it will stretch the skin a little. Do this every day and in a few weeks or months your foreskin will widen and you will be able to retract your foreskin. Do NOT force retraction. Do NOT cause yourself pain.

It works by tissue expansion. Stretching skin induces “mitosis” which is a word that means “division of cells”. New skin cells are formed and the skin expands but it takes some time. The increase in size is permanent. Be patient and give mitosis time to work.

The important thing is to put the skin under tension every day so that it will grow wider.

Search the Internet for:

“How to Fix Phimosis and Tight Foreskins, Solutions That Work”

and you will find the information and support you need.