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My 5 year old bleeding from the nose  21 days after adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy. Do we have  to go to the emergency?.  He wake up  in the morning  with a lots of blood on the pillow. I was scared but there was no blood coming. Is it a sign  of infection? Or he need immediate  checkup. 


21 day after? It is definitely alarming because this is not just another adenoidectomy side effects, it can be more serious. The post - operation bleeding is something that happens to many patients, but bleeding after 21 days can be more serious. Yes, he needs an immediate check up and yes, you need to take him to the emergency. The risk for bleeding is highest at 7-10 days after surgery and is primarily associated with tonsillectomy only. So, I am really considered now. I know that it has been a while since this has happened, but I believe that there are so many similar cases. I really want to hear from you what has happened.