Having had my tonsillectomy surgery on the 18th July, the first week of recovery was tolerable. Come day 10 of recovery, the wound on my left tonsil spontaneously burst open causing me to start coughing up a great deal of blood. Rushed into the emergency room, the bleeding refused to stop resulting in me vomiting blood uncontrollably. An ENT surgeon was found and I was sent straight into surgery to have the burst vein in my throat cauterized and stitched. According to the doctors only around 10% of patients suffer from bleeds of this severity, just my luck :)

It is now 7 days post surgery, the stitches are starting to dissolve but the clot in the wound feels "weak" and I'm fearful of a repeat of the horror suffered previously.  My question is, how long until i'm out of the woods in terms of the wound healing properly so i'm not at risk of a repeat bleed?

How many weeks will be sufficient to resume regular high intensive activities such as sport and drinking alcohol?