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I am 15 years old and i have just had a tonsillectomy/ adenoidectomy 6 days ago

my doctor did not answer any of my questions or really explain much of anything to me

i have pain of 7/10

ear aches

bad breath

and wierd white stuff all over my tongue

and very bad tongue pain

is this normal? ?

can anyone give a day by day proccess to expect the first two weeks?

any help would be very nice im quite scared and have never had any experience like this nor has any of my family or friends any advice as to help speed up the proccess or answers to above questions would be highly appericiated :-D


Hi Chelyn, what you are experiencing is pretty normal, although please monitor the breath and your tongue. I can tell you that the first couple of days is pretty bad. I know that others have actually posted a day-by-day analysis of what's happened to them if you search on this forum. How are you doing now?