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Hi, I'm a 19 year old female and had Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy surgery a week ago. From what other people had told me it was a slow and quite painful healing process, but when I experienced it first hand I can say that my healing process was the most excruciating pain I have ever felt. I am now on day 7 and the pain is still severe.

Day 1: This was the day of my operation, I was fasting from 12am the night before. The nerves that day were really getting the better of me as I was last on the list for surgery that day and had to wait around for hours. After hours of waiting around the nurse finally came in to get me sorted and on to the trolley bed to wheel me down to surgery. I was given the anesthetic and then *blank* - I woke up in the recovery room, I came around from the anesthetic very quick and I was very comfortable that day. I was able to eat: Ice Cream, Toast, Sandwich and I was able to drink Tea & 7up and plenty of water.

Days 2 & 3: I was discharged from hospital and given pain killers and anti inflammatory tablets (Solpadol & Difene) It was so great to get into my own bed. I was sleeping a lot the 2 days after the surgery, the pain still was sore but bearable. I was still able to eat as normal as possible, I was having my Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and having some ice cream.

Day 4: Things were starting to get a little more painful but still nothing I couldn't handle. It was getting a little more difficult to eat & drink but I still forced myself and got through it. I thought I was really making good headway with the healing process but oh was I wrong.

Day 5: I took a turn for the worse, I woke up in AGONY my ears were absolutely killing me and I could barely swallow with the severe pain in my throat. I tried to attempt breakfast but I got nowhere with it, there was no way it was going down. I was in tears, I couldn't understand why I was so sore. I gave my GP a visit and he put me on stronger painkillers (Tramadol) so I started taking those immediately. It helped put the pain away so I could eat something, my pain was very mild for a few hours and then it just hit me all of a sudden again, I was in excruciating agony. Again, I took the Tramadol and drank some water, and the pain eased in my throat and ears a little. I figured this was the "down" point and it would only last a day or two.

Day 6: I woke up to the same pain again, but I handled it the same way as the previous day. The Doctor also told me I could use the Solpadol as an extra form of pain relief - My main tablets were, Tramadol (50mg), Difene (50mg) and Antibiotics (Clavamel Co-Amoxiclav 375mg) but if I was still in a lot of pain I could take Solpadol as it works differently to Tramadol. This was a really bad day for me, I had a little relief during the afternoon but I went back to the same pain that night. All I could do was eat as best as I could, take my meds on time and drink plenty of water (this is essential to keep the scabs at the back of your throat moist therefore making swallowing and eating less painful).

I am now on Day 7and I woke up the same way this morning, I seem to be worse when I wake up in the morning and at night. Its so horrible and terribly sore (way more painful than I had imagined). I hope i'm coming to an end of this excruciating pain and with any luck it'll start to ease on me.

My experience has been very painful so far, i'm aware that people have different thresholds for pain. All I can do now is keep as positive as possible and do my best to avoid a bleed. Good luck to everyone out there preparing for Tonsillectomy - I hope you have a much more pleasant experience than I did.

Feel free everyone to share information or past experiences :)


Dear Tonsillectomy91. I also had my tonsil and adenoids out when I was a teenager. I was 17. I only had local anesthesia and watched the whole operation in the light reflecter! You are right, it is extremely painful. for days after I would refuse to even drink that is amazing since I adore ice cream! In reading your pain progression, I'm wondering if you are having a bad infection...although you mention taking antibiotics. I had violent, excruciating pain imediately after surgery. I remember taking at least 2 weeks before I felt close to normal. I do hope this finds you better, good luck!


Hi Cellemar,

Thanks for your reply ~ Its great to hear feedback from other people :)

I haven't been to see my GP in about 3 days. When I did see him he took a look at my throat to see the progress I was making and he said that everything looked normal, and that I seemed to be healing well (Although I felt like I had a bad throat and ear infection). I'm now on day 8 and I woke up this morning to a painful throat but my ears were fine (THANK GOD, the ears are so painful). I have taken my meds and i'm now eating ice cream as I'm typing :) I really really hope the pain eases within the next day or two :( Fingers crossed.


Thanks for sharing your story. My recovery process has been almost identical to the tee with yours... It's day six in a couple of hours & I felt like death not long ago.

Worst pain is encountered when I wake up (especially mornings). I've started drinking water due to your advice... I find the water to be too heavy for my throat and hence causes some type of discomfort. Pls update as to how day 9&10 went for you. I know it's a year later but I really like how you described your recovery in days. Thanks.