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This is my first post on this site ever so bare with me. Hi, my name is Victor I am 17 years old. I got my Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy 4 days ago and its definitely been an experience. "It'll hurt" my doctor/surgeon said. Honestly should've taken him more seriously. An hour right before surgery I was actually pretty pumped but I made a mistake since this is my first surgery done ever. I didn't see any post op experiences.

1. So after I woke up i felt a minor pain in my throat, I was really high so really didn't notice it, I did notice some pain when i swallowed but I would've rated it a 2/10. I went home, ate ice chips from the hospital, ate some jello & ice cream but the ice cream doesn't really help much to be honest.

2. Second day came, I woke up in so much pain and because I had taken way too much of my meds I was feeling HORRIBLE. The pain alone when i woke up as definitely a 7.5/10 for me but felt like a 10/10 because it was the first time I ever really felt real pain in my face/jaw. I cried for a bit, yes its ok for a 17 year old boy to cry its horrible and on top of that you feel so foggy from the meds. My girlfriend came over and brought me gummy bears and bless her for putting up with the awful breathe you get from the scabs in your throat. Trust me they end up smelling like vomit.

3. Third day, I woke up, pain was at a 6/10. I was kinda getting used to the pain but lets be honest you never really get "used" to it. I woke up in pain and was about to take my meds and then my scabs started to BURN. When I burn i mean like a stinging knife sensation. It's horrible so i was already starting off to a bad day. Then a couple personal things happened that day involving other people but it honestly helped me keep my mind away from the pain. I started reading up and watching videos about some post ops and they made me laugh and feel good about myself a little bit. The pain when from a 6/10 to a 5.5/10 by around 7pm. I took a really hot shower and it was really nice. I usually shower every other day but I was in so much pain the day before I wasn't even thinking about it. Showering in my opinion gets your attention off the pain for a good 30 minutes. The reason why the third day taking so long to explain was because i hadn't been eating at all that day or the day before and all I was doing was taking meds but I finally took some of the narcotics the doctor gives you when you really have pain ( I don't like talking narcotics due to the fact sometimes some of my limbs go numb and it scares me) and I was able to swallow. Did it hurt a bit? Yes. Did it feel good? HELL YEAH IT DID. I finished 2 complete water bottles from 2:34am to 3:47am. I know swallowing is hard even when it comes to taking your meds, eating jello, ice cream or even just water and this is just for that one person who's saying "it hurts way too much I can't do this." Yes you can, trust me I felt the exact same way maybe worse and i feel so good about my self knowing I can swallow nice cold water now. It's just amazing how much you appreciate water once you can swallow it. Pain by 3am was a 4/10, lowest by far since right after surgery.

4. Fourth day (aka today) its 9am, woke up at 8 with really really bad ear pain but I might've figured out a way to out smart the pain. My routine is to take the narcotics the doctor gave me right before bed and right when I get up. No food in my system, nothing, just right as I wake up. Why? Because when you wake up you're in pain but its because the narcotics are wearing off but its nothing as bad as waiting until they completely wear off and then you have to swallow your meds with the real, raw pain. The pain was definitely the worst it's been and would rate it a 6.5-7/10 for real this time. It was really bad but first thing i did was grab that narcotics bottle, just make sure I 10ML of it in the plastic measurement cup and just swallowed all of it. 10-15 minutes later you start feeling a the pain calm down, and as I'm typing this right now I feel ok. At first and even last night I was regretting this so much. I should be dealt with snoring, bad sleep, huge tonsils and random tonsil pain. But honestly now thinking about it and typing this it might be worth it with the right routine  at the right time, with the right diet. 

Lastly I want to point out this is where the pain tends to get worse from day 3-7. I might be speaking to soon but i just want everyone who's going through this or who is thinking about getting it done to just be patient even in the worst times because maybe for your situation you really need the surgery done. All I would say is drink lots of water and take your meds. When i say meds I mean Tylenol and Motrin. Trust me they help without making you feel high and foggy. When I say narcotics I'm talking about the hydrocodone/acetaminophen. Take the off the shelf meds through out the day but take the narcotics right before bed and as soon as you wake up. Do not breathe through your mouth because it'll dry up your throat and it might make you prone to bleed eventually. Drink lots of water, I can't stress this enough. It'll make swallowing not hurt so much and it keeps you from bleeding. Also when you feel very very little pain, take advantage of that and eat. I would eat something that gets you full but its soft because trust me this is a rare occasion where you don't feel pain. I ate a pack of microwaveable White Castle sliders and damn they do your stomach well. I haven't eaten that since the second day which is pretty bad for my stomach but I'll keep updating this by replying or posting a new post. NO SEX EITHER. I made the mistake of doing this the 2nd day and although nothing happened to me it could make your scabs bleed or something worse. 4 days down, I have 3 more to go until i start feeling a little change. Good luck on your recovery because you'll need it and appreciate all the people who support you through it because trust me its rough and depressing. 


I needed to be on diet as well. It is normal, doctors say. It hurts when you eat something that is not liquid, You need to eat mash for breakfast, lunch, dinner. My mom was preparing it to me like I was a baby. But that is all normal. I am really aware that adenoidectomy side effects can be really nasty, but as soon as you learn to accept them you will get better. As soon as you accept it, the day won't pass by slowly and you will start to believe in the chance for your recovery. Just be strong, follow your doctor instructions and you will be ok.