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In April of 2008 I had corrective surgery for a deviated septum after I was involved in an accident. Several months on, I am still having sinus infections (although I was told that this was a possibility), but I am also still occasionally having strangely coloured discharge from my nose when I blow it. It is dark purplish and inky in appearance, and I am wondering what it is. Is it residue from the scars and the dissolvable stitches? Should I be worried, and what can I do to get rid of it once and for all?
Many Thanks


Hello there,

I am sure that after your corrective surgery for deviated septum your doctor gave you instructions what you should do and what you shouldn’t do.

First of all, have you been caring splint until your bleeding has completely stoped? Some people think that there is no need for this so they take off the splint before time. by doing this you are slowing down the healing process and one of the consequences could be brownish and purple discharge from your nose.

As well when you are blowing your nose and sneezing avoid to do that with your mouth open because there is a chance to increase pressure and that isn’t desirable.

if the discharge is still there after few days consult your doctor.