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Posted: Sun Sep 17, 2006 12:18 am Post subject: Re: post deviated septum surgery


My husband had a deviated septum and went in for out patient surgery last Dec (2005). Ever since then he has had regular nose bleeds at times quite a lot, like it couldnt be stopped. He has since went to his doctor who offered no solution except to use afrin and only a day or two at a time. He does not use this on a regular basis. He is at his wits end as to what to do. What could be causing this? He only bleeds on the side where his surgery was. Is this normal or common for post surgeries of this nature?


Hello there,

I am so sorry to hear that your husband’s septoplasty (deviated septum surgery) didn’t end like it should. My brother has severe allergy problems and he could barely breathe so last year he had deviated septum surgery. His nose was bleeding for the first few days and when we have asked the doctor about it he said it is normal and that we should wait until it heals a little bit.

Luckily after 10 days the bleeding has stopped and didn’t reoccur again so now he is pretty satisfied that he has decided to do the deviated septum surgery.

I hope that by now your husband has found solution to his problem and that he is fine. Let us know if you had some additional complications because there are not so many comments on this subject.