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I'm so glad I found this form, hopefully I can find some answers here!!

I'm 35 weeks pregnant and just had a thrombosed hemorrhoid removed yesterday. I was not expecting that when I went to have the doctor check it out! OUCH! So painful. I'm finally feeling a little bit better, but I am scared to DEATH to have a bowel movement!!! I have 5 stitches and I'm so scared of tearing them!

Any advice/experience with this? I felt the urge to go this afternoon and started to, but the urge went away and I didn't want to sit there pushing. I got maybe a dime sized piece of stool out. I just don't want to make myself constipated!!!

Oh and if you've had this done before - what was your recovery like?


Hi Kristicat21:

I'm post 14 days out a total(internal/external hemorroidectomy) and I feel great. (I has my last child 9 years ago.) My surgeon started me start metamucile the day before surgery and continue ever since 2x day. He also had me start Miralax the day after surgery for seven days. I have had large/normal BMs since the day after surgery and I only experienced pain for the first week. I take the metamucile in a large 24 ounce glass as well as the Miralax in a 24 ounce glass and drink a lot more water throughtout the day. I followed his instructions to the letter and have eatend more brocoli, fruits and vegetable than you can imagine. What also helped was the Lidocaine ointment. I agree, I would not force anything out, but if you get the urge just go because you don't want to get an fecal impaction. It will get better. I am so glad I had the surgery!