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I had both side open hernia surgery 34 days ago and after the surgery I had kind of pulling pain and uncomfortable below the incision but no too much swelling.I had follow-up at 8th day and 21st day. Doctor said all my uncomfortable feeling are "perfectly normal" and they did subside eventually. However, since last Monday, I had noticed minor swelling in the top of my right scrotum and if I pressed it and I felt kind of pain in some position. I called the doctor's office and let him check it last Friday. he said it was normal to have some pain/uncomfortable around the hernia area which could last a couple month. but the surgery itself is perfect and the repair is like rock. he also said I am normal now and should be able to do whatever I want to do. However, until today, I still noticed the swelling and felt minor pain when it got pressed even by my pant. I haven't tried running and resume my soccer activity again yet for I just kind of fear too much activity could make the pain worse. ...Is this kind of swelling and pain following the surgery normal?? just so confused..thanks a lot for any of your input.


Hi Jerry,

Some swelling and discomfort is common after any surgery. It will gradually subside but how long it takes depends on the individual and how invasive the procedure was. Open hernia surgery can be a fairly involved operation. Do you know if the swelling seemed to go away and then came back? That would be more of a concern to me than swelling that has existed since the surgery.

Depending on circumstances it does take upwards of a month for you to be able to resume full activities. If you doctor has given you the "OK" then ease your way into running and soccer gradually. If you feel pain, give it a rest. You actually do need to do some activity to help it strengthen, just easy does it at first.

Keep checking the swelling. If it gets larger then call your doctor asap. If you don't notice any reduction in a few more days then I'd go back to the doctor as well. If however, the pain suddenly increases or you notice a large amount of swelling or bruising, then see your doctor immediately.

Hope that helps. It does take time to heal.

Post back and keep us updated.