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I had my right side open inguinal hernia surgery and had a mesh placed by the surgeon. for the first 3 days I had trouble getting in and out of the bed and some discomfort because of the huge swelling of the scrotum and numbness. However after three days, I am able to get out of the bed with less discomfort but the swelling of the scrotum was still there after 3 days. This got me worried and I went to the doctor after 4 days and he indicated to give it some time. 

At the end of first week, the swelling of the scrotum was much less and at the end of two weeks it was almost 70% less than the third day of swelling.  Went to the Doctor and he was happy to see the swelling go down. However, while the swelling had gone down , I noticed that there was a hard lump of the testicle on the right side. The surgeon indicated to give another 4 weeks ( i.e. almost 6 weeks from the day of operation) and have another appointment. Additionally, I also try to test the equipment and to my surprise found some blood during ejaculation. Called the doctor and he said that to give it some time. ( has anyone had similar issue). While I am waiting for my six week appointment, at the moment i am almost 23 days into the surgery and the hard lump is still there. It is getting me worried. Has anyone seen similar symptoms. I am seeing the hard lump mass getting somewhat less but very slowly. 

Giving all the above details to see if anyone had the same symptoms and how long did it take for the hard lump to become very less to almost gone. Any feeback from the previous experience of anyone will be helpful.


Can someone please reply to this post ? I have similar issues.