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Hi, I had a Vasectomy 5 years ago, at the time it seemed the right thing to do, me and my wife both decided it was right. Times have changed and circumstances have changed and we both feel that we would like another child. I was wondering other than surgery is there any other methods ?

I was contemplating, ejaculating into a sterile pot, kepping it warm for a couple of days to allow the sperm to mature, then using a syringe to inseminate my wife. Are there any major health risks involved ?


Hi Dante,

Your idea won't work.

There wouldn't be any sperm to "mature."  The tube from the testicles that carries the sperm, the epididymis has been cut or clamped.  Since it is a very small portion of the semen, you really don't notice the change in volume, but the sperm aren't there.

See a fertility specialist.  It may be possible to have it "reversed."  There is also another option, sperm retrieval or sperm "aspiration."  In this case, they retrieve the sperm in the office under a local anesthetic then it is frozen until your wife's egg is ready and the egg is fertilized.

The procedure is somewhat involved, there isn't enough viable sperm to place it intrauterine.  

Hope it helps.  Good luck.