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i am almost a month late for my period, but my partner had a vasectomy about 12 years ago. is there any chance that i might be pregnant? i haven't been this late since i was expecting my son. im 24 and m :-( :-( y partner is 44 and neither of us want anymore children i need to know if it might be possible. help!


Anything is possible, but 12 years into the procedure is a long time. Even a reversal at this point probably wouldn't work.
Have you been with your partner for a long time, or is this a new relationship? The reason i ask is because you should ask him if he remembers having his sperm count checked after he had the surgery.
If his count was good, there should be no problem and your period is stalled for some reason.
If he doesn't remember his follow up after the surgery, you may have an issue.

You can always grab an HPT to releive your anticapation for now, but if everything went well and he followed up, i would say that your not pregnant by him.