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I am 35 years old male with wife and four children. I was talking to my wife it would be good for me to have vasectomy. I am still not sure about this, which is why I would like to hear someone’s experience or at least opinion about this topic. Can anyone tell me how long does procedure of vasectomy last? I would like to hear also does it hurt, and is it safe surgery.


For the start, I can tell you from personal experience that vasectomy does not hurt. You will take injections of Lidocaine into the surface of the scrotal skin. This might cause momentary discomfort in the vas, however, the needle is very thin, and you would hardly feel it. During procedure of vasectomy, I could only feel tugging and pulling sensations. About the time, or how long does vasectomy lasts, I spent 15 minutes in the front office waiting room, and another 15 minutes waiting in the procedure room for the doctor to arrive. Procedure of vasectomy was long about 30 minutes for complete procedure, for a total of about one hour. I see all over the Internet someone claims it takes 10 minutes, but just a thought, do you really want somebody powering his or her way through your balls in ten minutes. A Vasectomy involves snipping two little tubes through which the sperm travel. This is not the same as castration, which is removal of your testicles. You will not have dry orgasms, because sperm makes up about 5% of the total ejaculate and as such, you still shoot semen, just minus the sperm.


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Hello. I'm 40 year old male and I would like to find out more about some aspects of vasectomy operation.

I'm married for 15 years and have beautiful four children. I can say that I'm very satisfied with my sex life and I'm not embarrassed to say that I'm sexually active like I'm still a teenager.

Just recently, I talked with my wife about possible options for sterilization and we have came to the conclusion that maybe vasectomy is the best possible option.

I was just interested what should I know about post vasectomy recovery!

My reply:

My husband had it done after the birth of our 4th child. He was expecting much more pain, but was bored the night of the surgery, and wanted to go out to the movies. We did! He took it a little easy the following 2 days, and was back at work, feeling normal, on Monday.

I think it is the fear of the unknown that scares the majority of men. It isn't anything to be scared of. My husband now tells his friends that they too should have it done, if they do not want anymore children, because it was so easy for him.

Be fully 110% sure that you don't want anymore children though before you do. They asked us at least 6 times, and we were admant that we were done. Now, I wish we hadn't done it. Even after 4 beautiful children. I want more, and the deed is done. Insurance will pay to have it done, but not to undo it. Be completely sure!

Good luck.


My husband had a V done 3 weeks ago and is doing fine. he was VERY nervous but when all was said and done, he said the anxiety beforehand was worse than actually having it done!