I am a 43 years old, and I have been trying to retrieve my embryos for about almost a year. With my age it is harder to retrieve embryos. I live in Alaska and my Husband and I fly to St. Louis for the procedure. I have 1 "good" egg and hopefully after the summer my Husband and I will fly back down to St. Louis for our last embryo retrieval. I do have a surrogate who lives in the same town thank God. I am curious to see if there are any other Women out there who are going to through the same situation as I am. My Husband I love to work with children. We are blessed with 2 wonderful Boys who have turned into wonderful young Men. I wish I could explain the pull that I feel to have another Child, but I cannot put it into words. It is just felt. As I said earlier, are there any other Women who are in the same situation who may have done/do things differently to at least get a good amount of embryos because I feel I have to give this last chance a good fight.