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My story is kind of confusing, so please don't judge me/give negative opinions..

I took the depo shot and would later find out that, although the doctor said it was immediantley effective, I got pregnant within a week of getting it. I attributed all my symptoms to the shot, and didn't find out until I went back to change birth control three months later that I was pregnant. I was pretty far along, but an ultrasound revealed no heartbeat and some malformations.. So I had an abortion (I had done everything wrong, thinking the shot had worked: drink, dye my hair, stress, eat like c**p because I thought I was depressed and hated what was happening to my body).

One month later, I had unprotected sex, thinking that the depo would still be in my system (last time I had the shot, I didn't get a period for almost seven months) A week after sex, I had a brown mucous discharge on the tissue paper only twice in one day that I thought might have been implantation spotting. I tested negative for a new pregnancy, but am feeling small cramps and exhaustion. A week after the brown discharge, I am still testing negative.

How likely is it that I ovulated within the month after an abortion, even though my depo shot only ran out two months ago?


Wow.. Well do keep in touch wif a doctor and info with them about how your feeling n going though atm.. Stay positive don't stress.. N if any thing get a check up with your doc about everything n let the doc know what your going though..