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Hey, guys! I'm almost 24 years old and have only become sexually active about 6.5 months ago. My partner and I have never used contraceptives. Since becoming sexually active I've noticed a few differences in my body, including heavier periods.
The matter is that we were active a few days (maybe 5) after my last period and the next afternoon I noticed some bleeding (bright blood) and there was some minor cramping and lower backache that followed. The bleeding didn't persist, however. When I thought about it I realized that I didn't have any large clots on my last period like I normally do. Just little bitty ones. The flow seemed regular, just not as dark and not as heavy as they have been over the past few months. I still had horrible cramps the first day and a dull/slight ache the second the way it usualy is, but I wondered if it might have been implantation bleeding and not an actual period. (By the way, I had my first pap about two months ago and my test results came back fine.) Any thoughts/suggestions would help. Thank you so so much!


You are not using birth control, so yes, you can be pregnant!!

You basically need to take a pregnancy test when you miss a period.

If you want to avoid pregnancy, birth control and condoms are what you have to do.

85% of couples will get pregnant in one year if not using birth control!