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Hi wondering if any1 has had a similar story to mine. me and my fiance have been ttc for 6 months now i am never late for my period. my last period was 26th of dec since then on the 7th jan i had really bad cramp like a pulling feeling at either side of my belly button this went on for two days off and on! since then i have woke up during the night to be sick this only happend once. my periods were due the 26th of jan and never came i had cramps but no bleeding and had more cramps since! also gettin back pain at the bottom of my back and sore hip it woke me the other night ! i am now 7 days late on my period and im getting a creamy white kinda sticky discharge (now Smelly) but have taken loads of pregnancy tests (Clear blue) but all are neg can someone give me some advise ?


You may not be pregnant, but could have an infection of some sort..go to the doctor. Also, trying to conceive is very stressful and may delay your period. If you want to be pregnant really bad you will start having the symptoms as well.