im 17 . i usualy have regular periods , but me and my partner had sex for three days and after the third day i was due on my period . i had some spotting on the day and that was it usualy i bleed for about 4days really heavy. so this is already unusual for me . i did a test about three days after that and it was negative obviously it was to early for a test to show yet. im now 11 days late and my breasts are sore and my nipples are tender . also i seem to have put on a little bit of weight i look pregnant like bloated all of the time clearly i wouldnt be showing yet but could the bloated ness be another sign of pregnancy?? i have had a lot of unprotected sex and i have never become pregnant i worry that i cant have children also .
i have had no morning sickness. felt quizy everyday though also very tired and some cramping in my stomache. also i have had heartburn and alot of burping. sometimes i have been real tired other times i havent.
someone please help i really need to know if i could be pregnant and if there is a high chance i am ???