Ok so me & my boyfriend have been trying to concieve for two months, but its hard because sometimes the day I ovulate he works and we don`t get to have sex any until maybe the next day but I had my period on Feb 20th & my period lasted 4 days we had sex 27th, 28th and then March 1st, 2nd, and 5th, & 6th and after that almost everyday sometimes we would skip a day or two in between usually my cycles are 28 days sometimes 30 my period is supposed to be due the 19 of this month as far as I know and I am hoping and praying to God I don`t get my period & that I am pregnant but I was just wanted an opinion what my chances are of being pregnant cause I think I might be but I don`t know I have been having slight cramping on off this passed week and my back has been achy, I have been having headaches, and I have been staying Sleepy/ Tired and I have been gettin very sick to my stomache in the mornings but i don`t know if I am having Pms symptoms or pregnancy symptoms so please tell me what you think my chances are of being pregnant any opinions would be greatly appreciated! :-D

*Hoping for a baby*