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The last day of my last period was January 25th. Im only 19. My boyfriend and I live on our own. I still havent gotten my period for Feb. I have been getting headaches almost everyday, I am constantly tired and have crazy mood swings. I have bad lower back aches, I got dizzy and sick this afternoon. My stomach is bloated out, and sometimes it gets really tight and I get butterfly feelings really low on my abdomen and also have vaginal discharge which is usually white. The only thing is all my home pregnancy tests are coming back negative, I dont want to tell my parents unless I am pregnant for sure. Do you think I could be pregnant still and just took the test too early? or what? someone please help!


Judging by your symptoms and how late you are for your period i would say its a big possibility that you could be pregnant. Sometimes different brands of tests dont work as well as others. try a few different brands and see if you get a different result. If its still negative you should have a pregnancy test done by a doctor.