Ok, so I've been reading a lot of cases of girls who are pregnant and didn't find out until they were 6 or 7 months along in the pregnancy. I last had sex on May 15th and it was the first day of my period. I had started taking birth control the month before and he used a condom, although inevitably there was some skin-to-skin contact. So as expected my period continued the next few days. I still kept taking the birth control after and I guess my period got lighter because of it, I've menstruated every month and I am on my period right now, I still get the period-cramps. I took 2 pregnancy tests in August and September and they both came out negative but I've heard you could be pregnant and have a negative test. I'm still planning on going to a clinic to find out, but I am embarrassed. I haven't gained any weight but I am a bit bloated. I'm just wondering if there is absolutely no chance that I could be pregnant, after I tried to take all the precautions. I'm 17 so having a baby at this point is not really an option for me, especially with my parents. Is it possible to get an abortion so late into the pregnancy? I live in Canada so it's legal and what not, I just want to know if it's too risky. I've been feeling a lot of stomach pains, and have been burping a lot, basically all day, and I'm always hungry no matter how much I eat.