I am on my third month of diane 35 birth control pills.

Im been feeling bloated and keep burping since last month, i always have a lower back achiness, headaches, feel quite tired (might due to late night sleeps), feels like urinate frequently but i still eat like normal.(october).

During october, i had intercourse when im having period(withdrawal period for september), without a condom and he pulled-out. and after i start eating pills for october, i didnt eat the 1st few pills on time and I forget to eat 1 pill, which the next day i eat it right away when i remember this. i had another intercourse without a condom and he pulled-out too.

after the pack of pills for october end, i took a home pregnancy test on 5 nov morning, and the result is -ve. and on 5 nov evening, i notice some spotting, and on 6 nov morning, my period (withdrawal period for october) come and its regulate.

on november, i took all the pills on time, with only 1 pills off about 1 hour, and during my period (withdrawal period for october), i had a intercourse again without a condom and using pulled-out method.

then on 18 nov, i had a intercourse using pulled-out method without condom.

on the 29 nov, my pack of pills for november will end.

i am wondering how high is my chance of being prenancy and when can i test for prenancy again. should i wait for after 29 nov and the day my period is due to come or i should test now?

thanks in advance for all the help.