Just a quick question; would like some feedback/suggestions. I am currently on birth control. (Nexplanon rod inserted in arm.) I am aware that it Is effective. However, lately I have had a light brownish-red liquid that sometimes will show on my underwear. I am STD FREE, and so is my boyfriend. We've both gone and gotten checked together, just to be sure. Anyways, I have heard stories where people have gotten pregnant while on birth control, and didn't even know they were pregnant. (We don't use condoms). I do bleed every month, although my period Is very irregular. This could be from my birth control choice, i know. I have taken a few pregnancy tests within the last couple of months, and all came back negative. I worry, though, because they can be wrong sometimes. I went to school with a girl who took pregnancy tests, was seen by a doctor too, and all came back negative. However, she was feeling weird one day, like she needed to use the bathroom, and ended up giving birth in her home. Im terrified that something like this might happen to me. I keep checking out my stomach because i feel like its a little bigger. I havent had any nausea, but that isnt the case with all women; not all women experience morning sickness during pregnancy. I dont like worrying or freaking out about this, and i would just like some suggestions as to what i should do or what it may be.